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RJC Nebraska

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Without racial justice, there is no justice. Our mission is to unify the Nebraska community around the idea that racial bias in the sentencing and convictions of Nebraskans is against our convictions as a state.

Our courts are intended to be avenues of equity and justice. If the law is applied unjustly, our institutions are only serving a portion of the public. We are fighting for equal justice in the justice system.

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The 'why?' Behind the 'what?'


A legislative coalition is an alliance of individuals and organizations created to achieve a common political goal such as passing legislation, opposing legislation, or advocating for legislation centered around a common mission or ideal.

The Racial Justice Coalition of Nebraska was formed to bring individuals and organizations together for one goal: to introduce and pass the Racial Justice Act. Through collaboration, all members of the RJC of Nebraska can ensure equality for all Nebraskans.

Join Us.

Contact us through social media or at contact.ne@racialjustice-coalition.com. We are looking for community coalition partners in order to make the vision of racial equality reflective of our state as a whole. Partnership with the RJC of Nebraska does not cost any time, money, or effort.

Megan Rollag
Megan Rollag

Founder and Executive Director

Jahne' Maddock (1)
Jahne’ Maddock

Policy Director

Kyiia Rollag
Kyiia Rollag

Marketing Director

Nicole Del Mar
Nicole Del Mar

Communications Director

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