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The Racial Justice Coalition of Nebraska is a nonpartisan group of individuals and organizations unified to fight racial bias in sentencing and convictions. It is our mission to advocate, educate, and research the issue of racial bias within the criminal justice system at large in Nebraska.

Minority Nebraskans are incarcerated more frequently and for longer terms than white Nebraskans.

In Nebraska prisons and jails, Blacks are over represented by 25% and Latinxs by 18% (2010 Census).

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We hope to form a coalition of unified Nebraskans, as individuals, businesses, and organizations, to promote the introduction of the Racial Justice Act in 2021.

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Want to get involved? Joining our coalition does not require any monetary contributions. Contact us to add your name or business to our list of community partners.

Our Mission

Without racial justice, there is no justice. Our mission is to unify local communities and legislatures around the notion that racial bias in the sentencing and convictions of BIPOCs is contrary to the pursuit of justice.

Our courts are intended to be avenues of equity and justice. If the law is applied unjustly, our institutions are only serving a portion of the public. We are fighting for equal justice in the justice system by promoting the passage of the Racial Justice Act in state legislatures and by conducting empirical studies on inequality in the courtroom. 

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Our coalition’s aim is to promote the introduction of the Racial Justice Act to the 2021 Nebraska legislative session.


Our coalition uses its platform to educate the public about racial disparities in various aspects of the criminal justice system by disseminating credible information through social media platforms, the RJC website, and blog post projects.


The RJC is drafting a comprehensive white paper addressing racial bias in sentencing and convictions. This white paper will soon be available to the public and lawmakers.

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What is the Racial Justice Act?



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